Brass Knurling Insert

Brass Knurling Insert

Our Brass Knurling Iserts are specialized components used to enhance the mechanical connection between plastic parts and other materials such as metal or wood. These inserts feature an exterior surface with a knurled, or ridged, pattern which increases the surface area and friction, ensuring a secure and durable fit when embedded into a plastic component. The use of brass as a material for these inserts provides several advantages: it is resistant to corrosion, has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and is relatively easy to machine. Brass knurling inserts are typically installed by pressing or heating them into pre-formed holes in the plastic, allowing the plastic to flow into the knurled pattern and solidify, locking the insert in place. This makes them ideal for applications in industries such as automotive, electronics, and consumer goods, where reliable fastening is crucial.

Features :-

Material Properties

High-Quality Brass

Knurling Pattern

Installation Features

Other Details:-

Material and Composition : Brass (commonly C36000 or C38500)

Knurling Tolerances: Accuracy of the knurl pattern.

Conductivity: Particularly important if used in electrical applications.

Compliance and Standards.

Environmental Condition.


Machining Brass: 60-63% Copper, 2.5-3.7% Lead, and the remainder Zinc.

Architectural Bronze : 55-59% Copper, 2.5-3.5% Lead, 0.35% Iron, and the remainder Zinc.

Forging Brass : 58-61% Copper, 1.0-2.5% Lead, and the remainder Zinc.


Metric Threads: : M2 x 0.4, M3 x 0.,5 M4 x 0.7, M5 x 0.8, M6 x 1.0 ,M8 x 1.25, M10 x 1.5

Helical Thread Inserts: Used for high-torque applications.

Material of the Host: Softer materials may benefit from coarser threads for better grip.

Finish & Coating :-

Provides a hard, durable finish with good corrosion resistance.

Commonly used in connectors, terminals, and other electronic components.

Enhances corrosion resistance and provides a base for further painting or coating.

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