Brass Switch Parts

Brass Switch Parts

Our Brass Switch Parts are crucial components in electrical and electronic applications, known for their durability, conductivity, and aesthetic appeal. These parts, typically made from high-quality brass alloys, ensure reliable electrical connections and withstand frequent use without corrosion or degradation. Their versatility allows for various finishes, such as polished, antique, or satin, catering to different design preferences. Brass switch parts are essential in manufacturing switches for residential, commercial, and industrial settings, where they contribute to the overall functionality and appearance of electrical systems. With their blend of functionality and visual appeal, brass switch parts remain a popular choice across diverse industries worldwide.

Features :-

Material Quality

Threaded Sections

Mechanical Strength

Durability and Longevity

Other Details:-


Finish Options

Environmental Impact



Brass Alloys: Suitable for parts requiring forging or forming processes.

Natural Brass Finish: Provides a classic brass appearance with a polished or brushed surface.

Clear Lacquer: Applied to maintain the natural brass appearance and prevent tarnishing.


Metric Thread: Metric threads are standard in many industries, including electronics and mechanical applications.

ISO Metric Thread: ISO metric threads are standardized across many countries, sizes: M10x1.5, M12x1.75, etc.

Pipe Thread: These threads are tapered and designed to create a seal.

Finish & Coating :-

Polishing brass to a high shine can be a standalone finish. This requires periodic maintenance to prevent tarnishing.

Clear Coating: shiny finish that resists tarnishing and corrosion.

Antique Brass Finish: Chemical treatments can be applied to brass to achieve an antique or aged appearance, giving it a darker, more rustic look.

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