Brass Hose Barb Fittings

Brass Hose Barb Fittings

Brass hose barb fittings are essential components used in various plumbing and industrial applications. They feature barbed ends that securely grip hoses, ensuring a tight and leak-free connection. Brass is chosen for its excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures. These fittings are easy to install and ideal for use with air, water, fuel, and other fluids. Brass hose barb fittings come in various sizes and configurations to suit different needs, making them versatile and reliable for numerous applications.

Features :-

Corrosion Resistance


Easy Installation


Other Details:-

Pressure Rating



Aesthetic Appeal

Installation Requirements


Brass is a durable, corrosion-resistant alloy of copper and zinc, used in various industrial applications.


A typical thread designation for a 1/2" NPT pipe would be 1/2-14 NPT.

For a 3/4" NPT pipe, the designation would be 3/4-14 NPT.

Finish & Coating :-

Finishing coatings enhance surface durability, appearance, and resistance to wear.

Superior corrosion resistance, no additional coating needed, long-lasting.

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