Brass Male Insert

Brass Male Insert

Beejay Products offers top-quality Brass Male Inserts, designed for durability and superior performance. These inserts are crafted from premium brass, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and wear. Ideal for use in plastic, wood, and composite materials, our inserts ensure secure and reliable fastening. With precision engineering, they offer strong threading and easy installation. Suitable for various industrial applications, including automotive, electronics, and manufacturing, our Brass Male Inserts deliver exceptional quality and reliability. Choose Beejay Products for your fastening needs.

Features :-

Corrosion Resistant

Electrical Conductivity

Versatile Application

Precision Engineering

Other Details:-

Reliable Fastening

Custom Sizes

Eco-Friendly Material

Aesthetic Finish

High Strength


Brass male inserts are durable, threaded components used in various applications for their robust conductivity and strength.


A typical thread designation for a 1/2" NPT pipe would be 1/2-14 NPT.

For a 3/4" NPT pipe, the designation would be 3/4-14 NPT.

Finish & Coating :-

Finishing coatings enhance durability and aesthetics, ensuring longevity and visual appeal

Coatings for finishing provide protection and decorative appeal to metal surfaces.

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